Bethniel Finance & Black Star Advisors collaborate to make mutual funds digitally accessible to Ghanaians

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3 min readMay 4, 2024


Image announcing partnership between Bethniel Finance & Black Star Advisors

Bethniel Fintech is thrilled to announce its partnership with Black Star Advisors to make mutual funds accessible to invest in, on its Bethniel Finance App. The Bethniel Finance App offers Ghanaians AI-powered personal finance tools and a financial services marketplace, empowering Ghanaians to better manage money and build wealth. The partnership between Bethniel Fintech, the company behind the Bethniel Finance App and Black Star Advisors, one of the leading investment firms in Ghana emphasizes the innovation and value that can be created when financial services firms partner with technology companies. With Black Star Advisors being a licensed investment firm, this collaboration is simply one that has to do with the investment firm leveraging on the technology of Bethniel Fintech to distribute its mutual fund products.

For Ghanaians, this collaboration should be one met with excitement because it allows anyone to invest from the comfort of their home or phone. Without having to physically go to the the investment firm, you can get on your phone, download the app, and start investing towards wealth creation. Additionally, Ghanaians can take advantage of the comprehensive approach Bethniel Finance is using to drive financial empowerment. Apart from investing in mutual funds, Ghanaians can also use the Bethniel Finance App to improve their financial literacy through the curated financial literacy content on the app, better manage money with tools such as financial assessments, calculators, budgets & expense trackers, and finally, access other financial products such as insurance and loans which will be released in due time.

Investing In Mutual Funds On Bethniel Finance

Through the partnership, two mutual funds managed by Black Star Advisors will be made available on the Bethniel Finance App for Ghanaians. These mutual funds are the Fixed Income Alpha Plus Fund and Enhanced Equity Beta Fund, which have been carefully selected to meet Ghanaians’ investment needs during these challenging economic times.

The choice for these mutual funds amongst numerous other mutual funds is because of the fund manager’s (Black Star Advisors) investment expertise, forward thinking collaboration, and the performance of the funds over the past years. The funds have been amongst the best performing mutual funds in Ghana in the past 3–4 years.

Additionally these 2 mutual funds have been assessed and tailored for the different investor types; low risk and high risk investors. In due time, a 3rd mutual fund will be added for moderate risk investors.

Low Risk Investors

If you are unable to tolerate financial risk, then the Alpha Fixed Income Plus fund is the mutual fund for you. You can invest in the fund on Bethniel Finance, starting with as low as GHC30. The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of global and domestic fixed income instruments.

High Risk Investors

If you have a high risk appetite and you are generally comfortable with risk, then the Enhanced Equity Beta fund is for you. You can invest in the fund on Bethniel Finance, starting with GHC100. The fund invests in global equities with a bias towards technology. Examples of companies the fund invests in include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia etc.

Get Started With Your Investment Journey

The mutual funds feature on the Bethniel Finance App will be officially made available to the public by the end of May. The best way to get notified of the release of the feature is to download the Bethniel Finance App today as all existing users will be prompted to update the app once the feature is released. You can download the app today from the Playstore or App Store and get started with your investment journey.

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