Getting Ready for the Everything Personal Finance App: Bethniel Finance 2.0

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5 min readDec 15, 2023


As we draw the curtains down on 2023, Bethniel Fintech is excited to share with you some key lessons from its Bethniel Finance app and why it it is prudent to think of Bethniel Finance as the everything personal finance app other than a mere financial information & literacy platform.

We have titled this article “Getting Ready For The Everything Personal Finance App” and by the time you are done reading, you will be as excited as we are and grateful that you didn’t skip this article.

When Bethniel Finance was first launched in June 2021, the goal was simply to help Africans (starting with Ghanaians) get relevant, accurate, and real-time financial information to help make better & informed financial decisions. Over time, it became obvious that Ghanaians needed an app that does more than providing financial information. There was a need for a one-stop shop for everything personal finance. Imagine being able to learn about money, better managing it, and seamlessly accessing financial services such as investment, payments, insurance, and loans all one from one app; Yeah !! You thought right!! That’s simply what the new Bethniel Finance is all about. Bethniel Finance is your go-to app for all your financial needs. You can call it your everything personal finance app.

As we look forward to releasing the new Bethniel Finance, here are a few lessons we have learnt from engaging users of Bethniel Finance 1.0

  • Personal Finance isn’t just about investments. Many people don’t realize that personal finance goes beyond investments. There are equally important areas of financial services such as advice, insurance, and loans. Neglecting these areas and focusing on just investments is certainly not the way to go if you want to be on top of your finances.
  • Financial Literacy & Management are the two cornerstones that drive better financial decision making. The ability to make informed, better, and evidence based financial decisions stands on your level of financial literacy and how well you are able to manage money. Financial Literacy simply has to do with financial information and how well you have grasped knowledge from this information. Financial Management, on the other hand, deals more with the initial steps you take with the financial knowledge you have. Key steps here include budgeting, tracking income & expenses and investment risk awareness.
  • It is almost impossible to do well financially with just one stream of income. You will come to find out that the wealthy have at least 5 sources of income. With each of these sources of income, they usually are able to invest more than half of what is earned. This is called the multiplier effect and is the secret that makes the wealthy grow their wealth. With just one source of income, what you have to invest is minimal and there’s no way to take advantage of the multiplier effect.
  • Having the right community or support system goes a long way to influence one’s financial behaviour as well as how well one will do financially. The popular saying “Your network determines your net worth” is a principle you can’t underestimate when it comes to finance and wealth. Your network is more like a community that offers you learning & networking opportunities as well as breakthrough ideas.

Now, with these lessons in mind, this is why Bethniel Finance 2.0 is just that app you need to take your personal finance to the next level.

  • Assessments: Bethniel Finance offers you seamless tools to assess your financial health. On the app, you are able to take the financial literacy test, investment risk assessment, and retirement readiness check. The financial literacy test shows you how well you understand money so you can improve your knowledge about it. The investment risk assessment helps you to know whether you have a low, moderate, or high risk appetite so you know what type of investments to go for.
  • Savings Challenge: Savings is one of the first & foundational skills as well as steps you need to take towards creating wealth. There is no wealthy person who doesn’t know how to save. On Bethniel Finance, you can save towards goals such as personal business capital, school fees, vacations, weddings and many more.
  • Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds presents you with an opportunity to invest in alignment with your risk levels. On Bethniel Finance, you can take advantage of our short term, medium term and long term mutual funds products to get started on your wealth creation journey.
  • Life Insurance: When you fail to prepare for uncertainties, you give chance to uncertainties to wipe out your cash, savings, and investments. Imagine having to take out all your savings or cash to pay for a funeral of a loved one or any kind of unfortunate happening least expected. On Bethniel Finance, our basic life insurance product helps you prepare towards the passing of a loved one or family (especially when you are the breadwinner of the family).
  • Loans: Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and this is why we have put together affordable & curated lending products on Bethniel Finance that meets the needs of our different communities. On Bethniel Finance, you will have access to affordable & easy-to-get loans that suit your needs as well as comes with other benefits such as financial literacy training, insurance, amongst others.
  • Community: On Bethniel Finance, you get to learn and network with like minded people as well as people you share similar interests with. There are different communities on Bethniel Finance and each offers you access to different groups of people you can learn from. Additionally, we organize programs for our different communities across personal finance skills, digital skills & career building skills.
  • Experts: Our Expert feature offers you the option of engaging an AI-powered expert or human financial expert to get all the answers to your financial questions. Think of our AI-powered Expert as your financial ChatGPT and our human financial expert as your personal financial coach.

The features mentioned above are just the starting point for Bethniel Finance 2.0. With time, there will be more exciting features added to the app. All you need to do is be a Bethniel Finance user and you will be notified whenever any new feature is added.

How To Get The App

If you already have Bethniel Finance, all you need to do is to update the app.

If you don’t have the Bethniel Finance App, download it now and have your all your personal finances managed in one place.

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