Start The New Year Financially Right with Bethniel Finance 2.0

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3 min readJan 8, 2024

It’s a new year and if you are reading this, it means you made it to 2024. Happy New Year to you from Bethniel Finance!!

We are excited to share with you an opportunity to get your 2024 to a good start financially with the latest version of Bethniel Finance, which we released a few days ago. This version was built with you in mind to simply offer you a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. In other words, you can think of Bethniel Finance as your everything personal finance app going forward and we can’t wait for you to get started on the first set of features we have on this version.

Current Features You Can Get Started With

  1. Assessments

Bethniel Finance helps you assess your financial health to aid you make better and informed financial decisions. With our assessment feature, you have access to a suite of tests and checks across financial literacy, investment risk, and retirement readiness. Our financial literacy test shows your general level of knowledge about money while our investment risk assessment allows you check you investment risk level and score. Finally, you can learn about retirement and know how prepared you are towards it from our retirement readiness check.

2. Control Over Your Accounts

Imagine being able to view all your account balance in one place, be it bank or mobile money accounts. With Bethniel Finance’s Accounts & MoMo feature, you no longer have to go to different bank apps or dial in short codes to check your different balances. All you have to do is link all your accounts to the Bethniel Finance app and the app will do the rest; fetch all your balances so you can view them in one place. And on top of that, you will be able to track your income and expenses across all your accounts and make budgets right from Bethniel Finance in the near future.

3. Community

Our community feature gives you the opportunity to interact with others, learn from them, and make friends. We believe personal finance can be more fun and inspirational when you have the chance to also learn from the experiences of others.

4. Life Insurance (BethLife Basic)

Insurance is one of the key financial services less appreciated by Ghanaians. However, it is so crucial to keep an one eye on insurance because, through it, you are able to cover yourself from unforseen life circumstances such as death, accidents, sickness and many more. The BethLife Basic insurance is an insurance product made available on the Bethniel Finance App through a collaboration between Bethniel Finance and Sanlam Life Insurance. BethLife Basic covers your life, be it death or permanent disability. It also provides cover for a loved one and during times that you are unwell and have to spend nights at the hospital.

New Features To Look Forward To Next Month

By the close next month, Bethniel Finance’s drive to be your “everything personal finance app” will go a step further with the following features;

  • You can buy airtime & data. And guess what? Anytime you buy airtime or data on Bethniel Finance, you get back 25 Bonus Points which you can redeem as either cash, airtime, data and many more!!
  • You can invest in our tailored mutual funds which suits your every investment need. For low risk, you can invest in our Early Booster Fund to preserve your money. For moderate risk investors, you can invest in our Balanced Growth Fund to manage your risk. Finally, for high risk investors you can invest in our Future Growth Fund which takes a more aggressive and long term approach.
  • You can save towards goals such as vacation, rent, wedding, fees, car purchase and emergencies using our savings challenge feature.

What To Do Next

Existing Users:

Keep using Bethniel Finance and enjoy the current features we have as we look forward to more and exciting features in the coming month. If you don’t have the current version of the app with the current features mentioned earlier, you can update your app here.

New Users:

Download the Bethniel Finance App today and get started with our exciting features such as assessments, community, insurance, and control over your accounts.

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